Unfit to Print

I was recently given a stack of blank newsprint. This is how I decided to use it.

the inner dialogues of one badass french bulldog. 
i swear, if my family ever saw my doodles, they’d think i was a perverse lesbian with mental disorders. not like there’s anything wrong with that. 
if there’s a heart inside your eye
if there’s a clock inside your head
if there’s a girl outside your bed
put your face in my place
everything will be alright, right?
hella walrus. 
my dad has always called me “little chickadee.” i’m not sure why, but now my life is full of these lil guys and i love it. 
i will have no problem accomplishing this, as i am the creepiest. 
this isn’t really anything, but i thought you should all know how to write “pizza” in hindi. 
and maggie discovered a shell that sang so sweetly she couldn’t remember her troubles. 
hairs in my mouf always. 
also this is the doodle that killed my latest sharpie. RIP, ink. 

I completely forgot this blog existed for a solid couple weeks, and then my scanner took a shit. But yoooooo diggity, I have a stockpile of doodles to post up as soon as I go get a new scanner. Sorry about that. Scheduled programming will resume shortly. 

jnafromtheblock said: do you draw these with marker or whaat?

you got it! well, a pen and a bunch of trusty black sharpies. B) 

i’ve come to the realization that i can’t really explain any of my doodles in clever caption form, so i’m not even going to try anymore. here’s a satanic bear wearing a sweater. 
i drew another picture of my future. in which i am a man.